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Welcome to Yogobe programs – tailored to meet a number of different needs and interests. Explore the different programs today and participate in one or several at a time.

*You can choose from our 3 main subscription plans: monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Starting from 22 EUR.
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Frequently asked questions

  • Who can participate in a program?

    All programs are included for active members on Yogobe. You can also join a program if you are currently on a trial, but you only have access to the program for as long as you have access days left.
  • Where can I find my programs?

    When you have joined a program (which you do by clicking on "Get started" in the program you are interested in) you will always find your programs on your Dashboard as a logged in member for easy access.
  • Can I participate in several programs at the same time?

    Of course! You can join as many programs as you want. If you join several programs in one day you will however only receive emails connected to the first program that you joined. This to ensure that you do not get too many emails.
  • Why are the programs in a new design?

    Now all our programs get a similar design and structure as our existing programs within Yogobe Challenge. The layout makes it easier for you as a user to actually join a program and track your progress. The new design also makes it easier to follow the program and thus get the guidance that the programs are intended to give you.

    There are two tabs for each program – "Overview" and "My progress". Under "Overview" you get all the information about the program and get an overview of each week/part included in the program. In "My progress" you easily see which sessions belong to which week and which sessions you have already completed.
  • Can companies buy individual programs?

    Of course! We have several different B2B solutions and gladly tailor solutions to find something that suits your wishes and neeeds. Send us an email to [email protected] and we will give you more information.
  • Are the programs available in the app?

    The programs are currently, just as Yogobe Challenge, only available through the website Yogobe.com. You can of course visit the website on your smartphone and reach the program on your phone in that way.
  • How do I become a paying member on Yogobe?

    You can always start with a trial on Yogobe which is free, does not require any payment details and always without binding period. A free trial on Yogobe never automatically turns into a paying subscription. After your free trial you can choose if you want to upgrade your membership to a recurring subscription and pay though bank payment, credit card or through one of the wellness grant partners that we work with. Simple as that! As a logged in member you find the Subscription settings via your menu and you can take part of our different offers on monthly, quarterly and yearly subscription.