Yoga and Training Programs

Yogobe helps you to get started and get the most out of practicing yoga and working out online. Take part of our training programs with selected videos and knowledge in specific fields or individual needs. Choose a program that fits you and your needs. Follow an entire program or mark your favorite sequences you easily can watch on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Explore Mindfulness

Give your mind and body a well-needed break, learn the art of mindfulness in this six weeks meditation program.

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Learn how to handstand

Whether you are new to hand standing or want to deepen your existing practice this program will give you the guidance to develop and play with handstands. Strengthen the body from the ground up, increase mobility and get important technical tips.

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Meditation for Life

Learn the art of meditation, or deepen your existing practice. Explore a variation of guided meditation practices to get a deeper sense of awareness and connect with the present moment.

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