Yoga Philosophy in depth - A deepening immersion in Yogic Philosophy for yoga teachers

Date: 27 - 29 September 2024

Location: YogaShakti, Stockholm

Instructor: Mike Bloch Levermore & Ulrica Norberg

From here – to essence – and beyond 

A deepening immersion in Yogic Philosophy for yoga teachers with Mike Bloch Levermore & Ulrica Norberg 

Are you a yogateacher or dedicated yoga student yearning for more knowledge about yogic philosophy and desire to understand the philosophical concepts better? After a more attuned, less rigid, more attentive and interative course with deeply knowledgabele teachers? 

Welcome to this groundbreaking workshop format for Yogateachers and dedicated students of yoga. Your teachers Ulrica Norberg and Mike Bloch -Levermore has created a four day journey to deepen your understanding of the history of yoga philosophy and its key concepts, in a more interactive setting including film, talks, discussion, practice, dramatization and reflection. You are in for a treat. 

Fördjupningsutbildning för Yogalärare
Denna modul är en del av vår Yoga for Life utbildning 500 hr men kan läsas som fristående kurs. 

Course outline

Why are there so many concepts in yoga? How can I deepen my practice and teaching through these concepts? What is yoga all about? How many ways are there to yoke body, mind and spirit? We need to question certain things in order to gain insight, deeper knowledge and wisdom. Yoga philosophy is the name of the thoughts and ideas that underlies the development of the yoga techniques. Traditionally the ancient yogis searched to investigate the deep structures of life, and the path of yoga philosophy is therefore a journey towards the core of what it is like to be human. Yoga philosophy can be seen as the key to unlock the potential of the old Indian techniques, and it is invaluable if you wish to navigate in the jungle of the modern yoga world.
You are the sky. The rest is just weather. -Pema Chödron

To know – Knowledge – Knowing  

Knowledge is finite. It is the facts of life: Earth is round; the sky is blue. Knowledge has defined edges, beginnings and endings, a specific this is it; it is information the mind grasps in completeness until it doesn’t; for our understanding of things evolves. One day we drive cars that pollute the air. The next day we don’t. One day we spank children, thinking that it is the best learning. The next day we don’t. On one day we separate ourselves from the world. The next day we don’t. 

Like a monkey, we swing from one narrow vine of knowledge to the next, holding on until we have the desire or courage to release our familiar grip and reach new understanding. Knowledge is an it. Knowing is fluid, an ing. It is everywhere all at once, rather than in the confines of our limited personal mind. Like the wind, it blows through us unexpectedly and without us having any clear sense of its source, its cause. A sudden stroke of insight, gust of creativity, blast of concern that in no way can be made sense of by the facts of life. Mysteriously, this inexhaustible universal knowing mind exhales itself through us and is then gone, leaving perhaps only a chill, a resonance, a trace, a reminder of its presence.

Interaction process

In this immersion, your teachers Ulrica Norberg and Mike Bloch- Levermore will take you on a more interactive process through groups of philosophical thoughts around the Self, study the different views on the yoga practice (tantra, vedanta) and look at ways to approach the practice, ourselves and the world.

So rather than technical readings of the old texts, you will experience a presentation of the ideas through a more light-hearted and approachable style, engaging you more interactively in the process. Sessions will include film clips, interaction, role-playing as well as reflection and discussion. The reason for this priority is simple. The first and foremost point of yoga and yoga philosophy is to reduce suffering and promote more freedom, connection and happiness. And when yoga philosophy becomes too much of an academic study it becomes difficult to feel the thoughts in order to let go of old perception and open up to understanding rather than belief.

Practice, the days and assignments 

To assist you in your learning process, you will be given a list of books to read after the course, since Mike and Ulrica thinks it is better to read the texts after being guided with a map of what to look for and as a foundation for self- study.

After the course you have one assignments that will help you to digest what you have learned, and to connect it more closely to your own life and yoga practice.



We are here to help. Vi hjälper dig gärna!

MAIL: [email protected]

Praktisk information

  • Datum: 27 - 29 september 2024
  • Tid: Ca 9.00-16.00
  • Plats: YogaShakti, Stockholm
  • Pris: 4100 SEK
  • Förkunskaper: 200 hr Yoga teacher training
  • Arrangör: Yoga for Life

Om lärarna

Ulrica Norberg, a well known and renewed yogamaster with decades of experience from yoga, meditation and spiritual living.  Ulrica is also an academic with a masters degree in Film and Human Sciences where Literature, Philosophy and Indology – Indian Philosophy (Stockholm University) was some of the trails of knowledge she immersed herself in.  Ulrica believes that in order to grasp something as abstract as philosophy, it needs to be presented in a multi-fashioned way. Therefore she involves, film, discussion, practice and reflection in to the interaction process.

Mike Bloch-Levermore, believes yoga philosophy classes should be entertaining, applicable and understandable, and thrives on empowering students with a greater depth of understanding behind their practices and offerings. As well as hosting nerdy talks, Mike provides philosophy lectures on yoga teacher trainings with a light-hearted and approachable style, always attempting to make the complexities of yoga traditions more easy to grasp.  Blending mild irreverence with moments of deep profundity, Mike always attempts to create a warm and inviting learning environment, intended for practitioners of all levels to learn and ask questions. Originally from the UK where he gained a degree in Western Philosophy, he recently has studied Hinduism, Yoga and Sanskrit with Oxford University, and with Seth Powell of Harvard University.

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