WORKSHOP Chad Hamrin (US)

Date: 19 - 22 September 2019

Location: Stockholm

Instructor: Chad Hamrin

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About the workshop

Chad visits us for the third year in a row and we are happy that he wants to return and share his wisdom, knowledge and expertise. This time he offers some new content and share more insight around the practice of yoga and the art of living mindful. These are great workshops for any student who wish to broaden and deepen ones yoga practice and understanding of the architecture of the yoga. Dive deeper into the yogic experience and strengthen your personal, daily practice with this experienced and well renowed teacher. Yoga asanas will be explored from moment to moment in a supportive, encouraging, and communal environment. The idea is to have a solid foundation in technique to transcend technique by bringing a creative presence and encouraging intuition to the practice of yoga.

Through Chads wise and highly exploratory and reflective approach, you will be guided to listen and reflect on your individual experience to refine your practice and encounter profound breakthroughs.

About the teacher

Chad Hamrin, A master teacher from Los Angeles, USA. Chad teaches at Yoga Works and started his teaching career under the supervision of Alan Finger, Chuck Miller and Erich Shiffman. Chad is today one of the more authentic voices of yoga and its path through the body, yoking the mind and spirit.

"In 1967 I became involved with the Martial Arts. I wasn’t aware of it as an art at that time. I entered as a shy, angry teenager and trained hard for a good number of years before I got to the artful part. That eventually led to an understanding that was carried over into my studies of yoga and bodywork. There was always a deeper place to go if you were open to it. I studied many styles of Martial Arts and they all came around to a still point within; the same with studying the many systems of yoga and bodywork. It was wonderful to realize that this was a dharma experience. No need to hurry. Settle in and enjoy. After over 40 years of study and practice with many, many, many teachers, I’m still amazed at the depth of the journey.I teach from a place where there’s a journey open to all, called life.

Yoga helps us to be more open and present in our journey. I teach to simplify and to hopefully inspire each student to be open to their own journey, open to both the struggles and the joys, and to find a place of deep gratitude instead of perfection. I don’t really have a style, I have a practice, and it becomes intuitively presented through the teaching or sharing. One doesn’t really teach someone something; the art is to create a circumstance that they get. That’s the joy, a connection to something deeper that they have found."

Chad Hamrin lives and teaches in Los Angeles and now also travel internationally and teach immersions, workshops and retreats.

Useful info

  • Dates: 19 - 22 september 2019
  • Times: 09.00-16.30
  • Location: YogaShakti Slussen, Högbergsgatan 30 A, Stockholm
  • Cost: 1350 - 4000 SEK ( 1 workshop day 1350 SEK, all 3 workshop days 4000 SEK - save 1400 SEK)
  • Teacher: Chad Hamrin


Thursday sept 19
9-12 Hips as foundational work
Hip health in yoga is always an interesting topic and an even more adventurous practice, beyond just the hip opening aspects usually taught. Hips are part of our foundational work, hip mobility, movement patterns, stability, balance, are all factors we will consider. We will be working with asanas that will help you understand your personal relationship to what your foundational work might be.

Lunch break

1.30-4.30 Shoulder openings
Upper body, as with the lower body, usually deals with the appendicular skeleton or the limbs and their relationship to the axial or the torso. So every asana has a relationship to the upper and lower to the torso. So we do shoulders openers only to learn their relationship to the whole.

Friday sept 20
9-12 Core Stability
When one talks or thinks about core work, one usually thinks about abdominal work, strength work, but in yoga anatomically and energetically it is so much more. Yes you need to know about abdominal toning in the beginning, but usually too much emphasis is put on certain muscles groups and not enough on others. There are deeper more intrinsic ways to look at good core integrity, good hara, good prana, steady mind, and always coming back to the breath. In the foundational sense good core starts with the pada bandha and works its way into the stabilizing of the spine.

Lunch break

1.30-4.30 Inversions
There are four asanas considered inversions, handstand, forearm balance, and of course headstand and shoulderstand. We will discuss and practice all of these inversions to see where they all have very similar interactions through our understanding of actions and alignment. Could be a fun time and a little work. Good for all levels!!! One must have long periods of inverted time in your practice on a daily basis, for health reasons. We’ll talk about this. There are restorative options.

Saturday Sept 21
9-12 Meditative asana
To bring a meditative quality to your asana practice one must first have certain tools to use to train the mind to focus, to become steady, to begin to notice and discern certain aspects of what it is that we are doing in the moment, in this case asana. But this also lays the foundation for higher levels of practice as pranayama and more formal meditative practices. we will discus and practice the many ways to begin a mindful practice, some of which you already know and many many that will be quite new.

Lunch break

1.30-4.30 pm Standing phases in relation to balance
Architects get to create different structural foundations in relation to the function of the design. Nature does the same thing, but it’s more than form ever follows function. We all have the same foundational anatomy to work with. This is where it gets interesting. The idea of balance is much more than just alignment. It’s an energetic expression of intelligence. So if you’re interested, come see what we do. Many asana’s will be explored, from standing to inverted.

Sunday sept 22 FOR TEACHERS
9-12 Subtle body/visceral sensation and into to pranayama
Lets look at healthy ways to breathe and what situations that may inhibit our natural movement of breath, from the physical , to the emotional, to the heart/mind to the subtle elemental chakras and the lesser know prana’s. What asana’s help to enhance free movement of breath and what areas of tension may lie in the visceral or abdominal mind and how to release these patterns of tension so that one may prepare for the formal art of pranayama.

Lunch break

1-4 pm Teachers workshop
So the theme for this workshop is “come , practice, learn, be humble’. Teachers have to, on occasion, remind themselves that they are first and foremost, a student and this practice of yoga must be practiced with experienced teachers, who are also long time students. This workshop is to answer questions, go deeper into the asana understanding, the energetic relationships and the appreciation of the system of yoga through Patanjalis Yoga Sutras.

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