VESSEL Teacher Training (100h)

Date: 11 - 17 May 2020

Location: Pranama Ericeira, Portugal

Instructor: Marie Romani and Fanny Olsson

About the training

VESSEL Asana and advanced anatomy

Less perfection, more » AUTHENTICITY «

Slow is the flow...

We welcome YOU to join us on a journey to the more physical side of Yoga. 7 day in depth study into fully Embodying your home. It's all about BEINGNESS and how you should not "use" your body to get into asanas but to allow asanas to get into your body in the best and most nurturing way possible. EveryBODY is different, unique and amazing.

Let's feel it all to see it all!

With exploration of asana, Embodied Flow™ principles, Dance, Cala (shaking medicine), advanced anatomy, fascia and movement, embodied flow™, pranayama, chanting and meditation you will walk your talk to be an authentic teacher. Don’t explain your philosophy - Embody it!

Full module includes (if 7 training days) a self study portion after the training which includes home pranayama, meditation, asana from different systems, planning classes, writing an essay of the training (and after) experience. Done in about 4 weeks.

This is one out of 5 of our 100h Teacher Trainings. Each module can be completed independetly of the next.
(All our trainings are registered with Yoga Alliance. We are RYS 200 and RYS300)

For the ones with a 200 h Yoga Teacher Training or equivalent who loves to move and to be moved. For teachers who wants to deepen their studies.

This training is in English and swedish traslation is available.

About the teachers

Marie Romani (ERYT500, senior teacher at Authentic Flow)

Marie has a background in group training and dance and started teaching also yoga 20 years ago. She has since the first yoga teacher training explored different styles of yoga and training, always with great curiosity and an open mind, continuously wanting to learn more and dive deeper. When finding Authentic and Embodied Flow her entire being screamed Yes ! and a whole new world of intuitive explorations and deeper connection opened up.

Her passion is to get to know the best of worlds; asana, philosophy, meditation, embodied movement, to integrate intuition and ancient knowledge with modern science and the circumstances we live in today-Yoga for the modern people.

Marie wants to share her experience of being a compulsive high performer with the pressure to deliver, juggling the family, ego, many interests, and life that happen. How yoga can give you the tools to find the true you, see what is important in life, and how to stay strong yet soft, joyful yet calm and to shine bright in your own power. Marie loves creativity, the feeling of working muscles, embodied movement, dance, music, big hearts and to dive deep into herself and the greatness of nature.

If you can find your full effortless power in warrior
If you can find your softness, playfulness and own rhythm in free movement
If you can find the courage to try a handstand or bakasana
If you can look into your own heart in meditation
If you can be true to yourself on the yoga mat
If you can be curious about your own imperfections
If you can laugh at your own shortcomings
If you can have patience and compassion with yourself
If you can be determined
If you can show yourself love…
Then there is a good chance you can transfer all that knowledge into your daily life and share it with others… share that Glow and make the world a better place…


Marie has studied anatomy, biomechanics and physiology at Bosön. Numerous instructor trainings in Luxemburg and Sweden, numerous immersions and workshops and trainings with among others Satu Tuomela, Scott Lyons, Johanna Andersson, Ulrika Norberg, Cecilia Gustavsson, Magnus Ringberg, Chad Hamrin.

Fanny Olsson:
Yoga has been a growing part of Fanny's life for 14 years, and she has been a teacher for five years. She has a keen interest in the transformative processes of awareness, and her passion in teaching is to fascilitate people towards an ever freer experience, both in the body, and in life as a whole.

As a former medical biologist, Fanny is something of "body nerd"; though, today, her primarily focus is to know the body through the felt sense of the various layers and systems - something that she shares in her classes.

With her deep love for Kashmir Shaivism and it's non-dualistic worldview, she also often weaves philosophy and tantric practices into her teaching, in an easily accessible manner.

Previous experience
Fanny teaches classes inspired by Embodied Flow(TM), as well as Embodied yin and restorative.

She has studied with among others Anja Bergh, Satu Tuomela and Tova Olsson (philosophy), and been to various workshops with for example Christopher Hareesh Wallis, Tara Judelle, Sianna Sherman, and Ateeka.

She holds a Master's degree in Medical Biosciences from Linköping University.

Practical information

  • Date: 11-17.05.2020
    • Time:
  • Place: Pranama Ericeira, Portugal
  • Price: EARLY BIRD: 1200 SEK (nonrefundable), 1500 - 3000 SEK
  • Includes: Including full training and material (not the books), excluding flights.
  • Previous experience: 200 h Yoga Teacher Training or equivalent. Loves to move and to be moved. For teachers who wants deepen their studies.
  • To bring: Bring your own mat (there are extras if needed).
  • Accommodation:
    • We recommend staying at Sandhi House as they are kindly offering the following prices for participants for the Vessel training:
      • Shared room(double room): €50 per person
      • Singleroom : €100 per person

All prices include breakfast. 

Usual week long trainings range from 1500€-3000€ but we want to stay inclusive with excellent quality!
If not fully paid when booked, you can pay a reservation fee now (500€) and then the second payment will be 1000€ to be paid 90 days before the course starts.

Reservation fee is non-refundable and the tuition fee only refundable if you are physically/mentally unable to join. Doctors note required.
These prices are without tax. If private person always add tax or if your company is Portugues.

In the rare case of a cancellation, please make sure you have proper insurance coverage.

Our trainings fill up quickly so be sure to pay the reservation fee to secure your spot!

Around this time there are plenty of places to stay in Ericeira. Either Airbnb or any of the lovely guest houses. Please let us know if you need any advices on where to stay and we are happy to help you out.


  • 7:30 Pranayama, mantra and meditation
  • 8:30 Asana
  • 11:00 Lunch
  • 12:30 Lab
  • 14:30 Small break
  • 15-17:30 Lectures/embodiment practice etc.
  • 17:30-18:30 Evening practice/ restoration

(This is subject to change)

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