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SOMANAUT - 100H Authentic Flow Basic Yoga Teacher Training

Date: 22 February - 19 May 2019

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Instructor: Satu Tuomela

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About the training

SOMANAUT – a person who explores the inner space of the body, and discovers there the rich terrain of themselves.

Join the NEXT ROUND of this "out of the box" Authentic Flow 100H basic level Yoga Teacher/Movement Teacher Training!

Using tools like yoga asana, pranayama, somatic movement, sharing, philosophy and meditation this training is all about exploring the divine within to find and express your own unique way of sharing yoga and movement.

After the training and certification, you will become a 100H certified Authentic Flow Yoga Teacher. You will have the possibility to extend with any other 50+50 or 100H advanced Authentic Flow Teacher Trainings and will be eligible to register your personal 200H Teacher Training Certificate on Yoga Alliance.

What is Authentic Flow?

The teachings are based on Embodied Flow, Yin Yoga, Nondualist Tantric Philosophy, self-healing Techniques, shamanism and more.

We investigate, explore and learn about pranayama, kriyas, mantra, meditation, visualization and imagination, manifesting, asana & embodied anatomy, philosophy, listening, feeling, touching and authenticity in the Mo(ve)ment.

More about the training

This basic level training is uniquely designed to offer more contact hours than any other training. With no less than three loving and experienced teachers, SOMANAUT will provide both a structured safe foundation and freedom to dive deep to find your own true voice.

The contact hours are divided into three long weekends stretched from February to May of 2019, to allow time and space for practice, learning, reflection and integration in between.

The training will be in both Swedish and English.


  • 22-24.2.2019
    • Anatomy
    • Biomechanics
    • Yoga Sutras
    • and more
  • 12-14.4.2019
    • Embodiment
    • Somatic Movement
    • Embodied & Authentic Way of Teaching
    • Meditation & Pranayama
    • Tantric Philosophy
    • and more
  • 17-19.5.2019
    • How to use your voice as a teacher
    • Sequencing
    • Energy Anatomy (chakras, nadis)
    • Tools to Create Magic
    • Practicums
    • and more

Useful info

  • Dates: February 22- May 19, 2019
  • Location: Pranama – The Center of The Great Heart, Stockholm
  • Cost: Full Price: 18 990 SEK (5000 SEK reservation fee will be charged upon acceptance)
  • Previous knowledge: For the ones wanting to teach yoga & embodied movement and also for the ones that wish to deepen their yogic studies.

Meet the teachers

Marie (ERYT500) started teaching yoga 18 years ago. She has since her first yogateacher training explored different styles of yoga and training, always with great curiosity and an open mind, continuously wanting to learn more and dive deeper.

Her passion is to learn about the best of all worlds; asana, philosophy, meditation and embodied movement. Maries wish is to integrate intuition and ancient knowledge with modern science and the circumstances we live in today – to offer yoga for the modern people. Her longing is to share her experience of being a compulsive high performer with the pressure to deliver the absolute best while juggling family, ego, a lot of interests, and just life in general. She shares authentically about how yoga can give you the tools to find the true you, to see what really is important in life, and how to stay strong yet soft, joyful yet calm, shining bright in your own power.

Marie also hosts the podcast @yogawifeinlife together with Moa, available to listen to in your favourite podcast-app!

Previous Experience
Marie has studied anatomy, biomechanics and physiology at Bosön. She has done numerous instructor trainings in Luxemburg and Sweden, numerous immersions, workshops and trainings with among others Satu Tuomela, Scott Lyons, JohannabAndersson, Ulrika Norberg, Cecilia Gustavsson, Chad Hamrin.

Moa Westman is the social psychologist who discovered how yoga touches us not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. Moa has worked as a yoga teacher sinceb2011 and she is now a full-time yoga teacher at Yogastudion in Umeå. With Moa as a teacher, there will always be a playful glimpse within the yoga classes.bPlayfulness and joy are something that comes automatically in everything she does, combined with a depth of her experiences and life knowledge. In Moas classes you willbexperience how the philosophy from the east meets the science from the west,nallowing the yoga practice to touch you even deeper.

Moa has studied anatomy, biomechanics and physiology at Yogayama in Stockholm and at Umeå University. She also hosts the podcast @yogawifeinlife together with Marie, available to listen to in your favourite podcast-app!

Previous Experience
500H Global Yoga, 100H Authentic Flow. Moa has participated in workshops/trainings with Chad Hamrin, Magdalena Mecweld and Maria Boox.

Satu Tuomela (ERYT500, Reiki Master, Embodied Flow™ Senior Teacher and Teacher Trainer, creator of Embodied Yin™) is one of the most influential and respected teachers in Scandinavia and has a big and loving Kula around the world.

Satu has been teaching for almost 20 years and is known for her very unique, otherworldly and authentic transmission. Borrowing the words of one of her students: "Satu’s classes leave you with ’What the hell just happened?'. It’s beyond yoga, it’s a LIFE, a LOVE, a REALIZATION class”. Satu charms with her intuitive instructions and a big love for classical tantric teachings, goddess vibe, her exquisite use of music, harmonium playing and singing, humor, loving adjustments, Reiki and clear understanding of the human body and how everybody is unique.

Satu has well more than 1000H of teacher trainings in Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Anusara Yoga, Embodied Flow™, Yin and immersions with among others Tiffany Cruikshank, Elana Brower. Her main teachers are Sally Kempton, Christopher Wallis (nondual Tantra and meditation), and of course pioneering teachers Scott Lyons and Tara Judelle.

In 2013 Satu founded Pranama (yoga studio) with couple of other teacher friends in Finland, and in 2017 the loving community and studio Pranama opened its doors in Stockholm.

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