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LIVING LARGE -How to Bring Ancient Wisdom into Modern Life

Date: 7 - 10 September 2020

Location: YogaShakti Slussen, Stockholm

Instructor: Peter Ferko, Wendy Newton and Ulrica Norberg

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About the wokshop

Through inquiring and practical study of the three texts Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras and Gheranda Samhita

Welcome to four days of deeper inquiry in body, mind and spirit. Through studies of three ancient classical and profound spiritual texts and what they have to offer us as yogis, teachers, creative minds, philosophers and pragmatics. Three texts through three master teachers’ learning, experience, wisdom and guidance where we will discuss, practice, inquire, try, assess, share and look into what it means to invite more philosophy into practice and the practice into philosophy. Why?

Well, our experience from practicing living for many years immersed in the yogic texts and techniques shows us how they can increase wisdom and awareness into our living! The guidance in these ancient texts is that in order to grow and evolve we need to yoke the physical with the internal in order to be more truthful, clear and healthy. In this workshop, we invite you to an opportunity where we will enjoy creative inspiration to the fullest.

Immerse yourself with us for your own growth, inspiration and benefit, as well as your peers and students. From the wisdom embedded in tradition, find new ways to interpret the knowledge through different thought schools and as well as through studies and practice.

  • Day 1  – Peter Ferko guides you through a day on the topic of Bhagavad Gita —What is real happiness? The practice will contain discussion, asana and meditation
  • Day 2 – Wendy Newton guides us through an embodied metaphysical experience of the Yoga Sutras. The Sutras is a primer on quantum living, where inner meets outer and we discover the real power of alignment with WHAT IS. Wendy’s approach involves discussion of the four padas, contemplative practices, journaling, and partner work. You will dive deep into your practice and come out with new perspectives to grow and share.
  • Day 3 – Ulrica Norberg guides us through insights and practices from one of Hatha yogas main texts Gheranda Samhita – Practice, practice, practice makes integration happen. Inquiry, asana and Sat Kriyas exploration and dialogue,  relative awareness and body sensation introspection.
  • Day 4 – Integration, Practice, and Satsang where Peter, Wendy and Ulrica draws from past days experience and elaborate around ways to involve techniques into ones life and teaching.

Practial information

  • Date: Will be set at a later time.
    • Time: Thursday – Saturday 10-17, Sunday 9-16
  • Place: YogaShakti Slussen, Högbergsgatan 30 A, Stockholm
  • Price: 4500 SEK (inkl. VAT) or 1500 sek per day.
  • Prerequisite: Dedicated students with years of yoga practice, yoga teachers.

About the teachers

This trio are all initiated Yogirajs; Yoga masters, in the ISHTA yoga lineage. They share a deep passion for the humane, philosophy, the yoga practice, meditation as well as art, science, nature and animals. Together they have taught retreats, workshops and trainings and their specific knowledge highly complement each other.

Peter Ferko is a master teacher living and teaching in New York with a vast experience in yoga, mediation and art. He runs his own podcast ” Peters Podcast” where he interviews yogis on the topic of “what is real yoga?". He is also the author of books on human conditions and awareness as well as intrigued in the human experience in body, mind and spirit.

Wendy Newton has her base in Brooklyn, New York City and has a immense experience from Polarity training, yoga and management. She teaches classes and trains teachers regularly. She is the author of  “Tantric view on the Yoga Sutras” together with Alan Finger.

Ulrica Norberg is a master teacher living in Stockholm with over 25 years experience on training teachers and coaching individuals to higher understanding and health. She is a journalist and renewed author of several books on health, life science and yoga.

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