ISHTA Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training

Date: 13 January - 12 June 2022

Location: Zoom and Raja Yoga Lund, Paradisgatan 1, Lund

Instructor: Sarah Platt-Finger, Mona Anand, Alan Finger and more

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ISHTA’s Yoga Alliance certified 200-Hour teacher training program is designed to deepen your understanding of the science of yoga. Whether you plan to make a career out of teaching yoga or are simply looking to enhance your own practice, this program teaches you how to bring yoga into daily life. This weekend training is split into three modules, as per the below - participants are welcome to sign up for individual modules or the full training!

Module 1

This module is a great introduction to the foundation of yoga postures (asana), alignment, breath work (pranayama), meditation, and tantric philosophy - all through the lens of the ISHTA individualized practice. You can join this module to start to build a foundation for your own practice, or to start your journey to becoming a teacher.

  • Focus on Standing Poses, Sun Salutations,
  • Anatomy Basics
  • Intro to Tantra
  • Basic and Pranayama and Meditation
  • Specialty Lectures Include - Sanskrit

Module 2

Expand your understanding of standing poses and backbends. There is focus in this module on sequencing, as well as the art of teaching. You will have an introduction to the ancient life science of Ayurveda. There is also an exploration into the Yoga Sutras, along with a journey deeper into the art of swara yoga - which uses pranayama techniques to lead us into a state of meditation.

Module 3

This module will focus on inversions and seated postures, as well as the health benefits of meditation - and the life practices of yoga (lectures include the The Business of Yoga, Lifestyle of a Yogi). In this module you will also learn the art of deep relaxation in our Restorative Yoga specialty lecture/ practice, and how to adapt the ISHTA practice in our specialty Prenatal Lecture. You will also delve into further pranayama and meditation techniques.

What is ISHTA yoga?

ISHTA stands for Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra, and Ayurveda, or a combination of physical, energetic, and healing practices. But ISHTA has a double meaning that stretches back to the very roots of yoga. ISHTA is also a Sanskrit word translating to “that which resonates with the individual spirit,” emphasizing the personal journey we encourage and guide our students to embrace.

What makes the ISHTA Yoga Teacher Training Program unique?

The lineage and teaching of ISHTA Yoga is a uniquely modern, individualized and integrated approach to the ancient science of yoga. While the body is studied and experienced in detail through in-depth daily practice, posture labs and studies of anatomy and asana, ISHTA provides a comprehensive foundation for all aspects of yoga, including thorough studies of the practice and teaching of subtle and causal body anatomies; pranayama and kriya; meditation; Tantric philosophy; and Ayurveda, the ancient Indian life science. The ISHTA-trained practitioner learns to teach safely, confidently, and compassionately to the individual. Our philosophy is to recognize the inherent strengths of each student and to enhance these strengths through personal practice.

Overview of what the three modules include

  • Postures
  • Sequencing
  • Anatomy
  • Yoga philosophy
  • Basic pranayama and meditation techniques
  • Kriya techniques
  • Tantra
  • Introduction to ayurveda and how to incorporate ayurveda in your yoga teachings
  • Introduction to Yoga Nidra
  • Introduction to Prenatal yoga

Setup for the training: All modules run over long weekends, Thursday-Sunday. Thurdays and Fridays are set in the afternoons, via Zoom. For each long weekend you will receive recordings with lectures, to view at your own pace before the Thursday sessions, running circa 16-20 via Zoom. Fridays run circa kl.13-20 via Zoom. Saturdays and Sundays, set for circa kl. 8-16.30, hosted at our beautiful studio in central Lund.

In the current setting, trainees have the option of receiving up to 54 hours of the lectures on demand, available for 24 hours, which makes attendence more flexible should you not be able to attend some Thursdays or Fridays.

This setup creates more flexibility for all trainees, and ensures that we can benefit from our senior, international teachers via zoom, while also enjoying the physical connectedness at the beautiful Raja Yoga studio in Lund.

Useful info

  • Dates:
  • Location: Zoom and Raja Yoga Lund, Paradisgatan 1, Lund
  • Price: 11 000 SEK per module, 33 000 SEK for the full training
  • Teachers: Sarah Platt-Finger, Mona Anand, Alan Finger & more
  • Previous knowledge: Regular yoga practice and a desire and willingness to delve deeper into your yoga practice and explore teaching
  • Whats included:
    • 24 full days of asana practice, lectures and practical teachings
    • The 350 page manual
    • Several mentor meetings with your Senior Teacher Mentor
    • Unlimited access to ISHTA Online Classes for 6 weeks
    • Unlimited access to all classes at Raja Yoga Lund (at studio + online) for 3 months
    • 30 day access to Yogobe, with opportunities to delve deeper into the teachings of the ISHTA teachers represented there
    • Ample opportunities to observe and participate in classes to fulfill the extra requirements of the training
  • What to bring: Pen, writing block. Yoga props can be borrowed at the studio. For the online days please set up your own yoga corner.

About the teachers

Sarah Finger is the co-founder of ISHTA Yoga, LLC and the private yoga teacher of Dr. Deepak Chopra. She recently co-created an online course, “Finding Connection Through Yoga,” with Dr. Chopra in partnership with Yoga Journal and The Chopra Center. She teaches trainings, workshops, and retreats internationally with her husband, Yoga Master Alan Finger, and is a featured expert on Jiyo, a revolutionary new digital platform that brings health and wellness to online communities all over the world.

Mona Anand is a partner and co- owner of ISHTA Yoga. She is a Yogiraj or Yoga Master in the ISHTA lineage and a Senior Trainer in ISHTA's 500 hour trainings taught globally.

An integral part of Mona's teachings is yoga nidra, a guided mediation technique she was first introduced to as a teenager growing up in Mumbai, India. She was profoundly affected by the power of this technique to induce a deep state of relaxation and proceeded to use it throughout her life. Mona likes to say she has never taught a class without a yoga nidra. She has designed numerous yoga nidra recordings to help people deeply relax, to fall asleep, to lift their spirits, to ground and center and to balance chakra imbalances. Her recordings are available on iTunes and numerous yoga sites and are also sold at ISHTA Yoga. She has also developed and teaches her own yoga nidra trainings, "Mona Anand's ISHTA Yoga Nidra" and "Yoga Nidra and the Chakras"

Alan Finger is the ISHTA Founder and figurehead; Tantric Master. Alan holds the title Kavi Yogiraj and has been teaching yoga and meditation for over 50 years. He has put countless people on the path of self-realization. Alan Finger began studying yoga at the age of 16 with his father Mani Finger and renowned swamis of the past century. Alan and Mani created ISHTA Yoga. The ISHTA style integrates breath-based flow yoga with alignment, meditation and healing bodywork. Before creating a home for ISHTA, Alan co-founded Yoga Zone, Be Yoga, and Yoga Works. Alan has authored several books and travels the world to share his teachings.

Several other teachers from the Swedish ISHTA Yoga Crew will be teaching during the training, especially for the days spent at the studio.

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Yoga from a scientific perspective – for a sustainable body, mind, and community
How does the breath work & benefits of conscious breathing
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