A Portal To Life - a Continuum Immersion with Ameyo Barfred-Dixon

Date: 22 - 26 October 2020

Location: Pranama, Stockholm

Instructor: Ameyo Barfred-Dixon

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About the immersion

Disconnecting from the aliveness of our body? Do you notice when living in a trance that prevents you from living and loving fully? Do you notice when tensing up against life, fighting life or shutting down when something painful arises? When the grief feels too big, or the ecstasy uncontainable? Do you notice when living a life of routine or on automatic? When blind to the always present and golden moment? Do you notice when being seduced by your narratives, opinions, thoughts, so that you forget who you REALLY are? And, most importantly, do you notice the life force that flows through when you WAKE UP to the present moment? The sensate feeling of being here, now, in life? And when you return to the present moment, have you then sensed how the gift of life so abundantly springs forth to greet you; to greet you with love, tenderness of heart, and new vitality?

We can choose to become more and more impersonal with the personal self, and awaken to the gift of LIFE. We can choose to be here, present in our life, in our body, AWAKE! Intimacy with life calls for courage, courage of heart – a tender surrendering to our innermost. Sweetly permeable, alive, present, and connected. Give the world your unique self and open heart. Live Awake!

This workshop will, through a living moving inquiry, enable us to re-enter the innate intelligence of our bodies, anchor us in our Being, and discover the creativity, the vitality, the love, and the wisdom, that naturally flows from embodied awareness. Further to personal bodily, psychological and meditative development, this workshop will also be of inspiration to professionals such as Body therapists, Physiotherapists, Yoga teachers, Pilates instructors, as well as Psychotherapists, Psychologists and others working with Mindfulness and Embodied Awareness.

Spots are very limited! We will keep this group small to better support the material as well as for each participant to have their space.

October 22nd – 25th 11.00-17.00 every day

❍ Thursday, 22/10 Meditation + Welcoming
Opening a Portal to Life Introducing Sounding Breath

❍ Friday, 23/10 Rinsing, Cleansing, Tracking A Prayer to Awaken Unlived Life

❍ Saturday, 24/10 Coming into Backline, Bones, Grounding Coming into inner silence

❍Sunday, 25/10 The Deep Dive Silent inquiry Sensing our Journey + Sharing & Closing. 

Useful information

  • Date: October 22nd - October 25th
    • Time: Thursday - Sunday 11.00-17.00
  • Location: Pranama Studio, Ringvägen 126, Stockholm
  • Price:
    • EARLY BIRD: 4300 SEK until 16/8 2020
    • Regular price: 4700 SEK
  • Teacher: Ameyo Barfred-Dixon

About the teacher

Some words from Ameyo about herself: Music is in my bones and in my soul, and it is intimately woven into the texture of my work. My strong capacity to feel, see, and listen deeply, to create and resonate with another human being, brings richness, depth, sensitivity, strength and love to my work. I believe there is a strong link between psychological distress and creative expression, and find it of immense importance to keep the imagination alive in my work and everyday life.

My work spans from Bodywork and Movement to Integrative Psychosynthesis, Jungian Analysis to Art therapy, Mindfulness and Meditation, Music and Continuum Movement, Developmental Movement and the Creative Arts. I am a solid and experienced psychotherapist, group facilitator, supervisor and trainer. I run a private practice from the heart of Copenhagen, as well as teaching and supervising at various schools for psychotherapy in the UK, Sweden and Denmark.

Fundamentally, as a psychotherapist, my psychotherapeutic approach is Integrative and Transpersonal, incorporating concepts from Jungian analysis, Psychosynthesis, Gestalt and Family Systems theory such as Object Relations, as well as Developmental and Archetypal Psychology. The key concept in Integrative Transpersonal Psychotherapy is ‘Relation’: the nature of Relation between therapist and client, to oneself, and to Essence, is seen as fundamental and soulful – grounded in the ‘here and now’.

32 years of experience with a diverse client base enables me to adapt to the specific needs of each client or supervisee, inviting a mutual partnership of deep inquiry into soul rather than attempting to deliver a solution. My calling is to support manifesting the Embodied Spirits that we all are - that all beings are - by opening us to be guided by life, thus anchoring and deepening our connection with ourselves, our soul, and our innermost divinity, connected to all… As an Integrative Transpersonal Psychotherapist in service of Soul, I offer heartfelt psychotherapy, trainings, supervision and continuum workshops for those wishing to bring embodied consciousness into their life, and/or professional practice, beyond words, through a living inquiry. Read more about Ameyo here.

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