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Goddess Lushness - A yoga journey

Date: 20 - 26 September 2018

Location: Iceland

Instructor: Emma Öberg och Hugrún Fjóla

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About the journey

Come to a 6-day feminine energy empowering trip to Iceland. Exploring the embodiment of feminine strength, lushness, softness, and flow. Starting with the cleanse of a sweet lodge ending with a full moon ritual! Aquarian Sadhana every morning with live music Sauna or gong floating in the geo-thermal pool every evening. And lots of lush yoga, amazing giggles and goddess connections, organic-green-clean food and walking and breathing in the majestic Icelandic nature.

We are honouring the sensitive feminine and the open heart and its vulnerability by creating a sacred space for us to relax and open and expand into. We will start the retreat with a sacred sweet lodge held by an Icelandic shaman, Asrun Laila, to rebirth and shed our armour, so we can dive into the new born sensitivity of our hearts.

We will do the Aquarian Sadhana every day with live music. We will sing and explore the vastness of our expanding feminine force. Celebrate our self and each other in sisterhood and sharing. We will work with kundaliniyoga, dance, prayer, shaking, sound, self-massage, floating with the gong, rituals and channelling and some tantric energy work to open our energy. We will spend time in the sauna, hot springs, and the pool.

Iceland & nature

Water is the element of the second chakra and we will allow it to flow and open our sexuality, creativity, and intuition. We are making this journey as a pilgrimage into our power, explored through deep relaxation and an outer pilgrimage into wild nature of Iceland the volcanoes and glaciers and hot springs. This is a tribute to our intuition, the wisdom of emotions, the power of creativity and sexuality and the gifts of relaxation! Six days of Self- love, self – care and self-empowerment.

We will celebrate the full moon our last night on the 25th with a full moon ritual and party.

Useful info

  • Dates: September 20 - 26, 2018
    • Time: 16.00 at 20th of September till 10.00 at 26th of September
  • Location: The Sacred Seed, Iceland
  • Cost:
    • Full price: 21 000 SEK, Early bird until 1/2: 17 000 SEK
    • Early bird until 1/5: 19 000 SEK ( including all food, stay, teaching and transport to adventure during the week, not including air ticket.)
  • Included in price:
    • Your stay at The Sacred Seed, food, yoga classes, excursions and ceremonies.
    • Lushes nurturing food will be served through out the retreat!

The teachers guiding you

Emma Öberg is a kundaliniyoga teacher and tantra practitioner devoted to the sacred feminine. She has had a meditation practice since she was 18 and works with freeing energy stagnating in the body. She is a lead trainer in the kundaliniyoga tradition and runs teacher training in Sweden and Denmark. Se is devoted to the wild expansive vulnerable heart that pours love into the world and enable us to live our purpose. She is a passionate teacher that honors the unique in you.

  • Find yoga classes with Emma online here!

Hugrún Fjóla is a Mantra Singer that writes and performs her original sound. Born in Iceland, she now lives in Denmark. She has been singing her whole life, with choirs, bands and solo, but really found the power of her voice within the Kundalini Yoga tradition. She has been traveling and performing her mantra music around Europe for the past couple of years and is recording an album that will be available by the end of summer. Her voice has a crystal-like quality that touches and opens the heart and connects the consciousness deep within.

Photos: Visit Iceland

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