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50h Adv. Hands on assists& touch methodology TT

Date: 19 - 23 February 2020

Location: Urban OM, Stockholm

Instructor: Michael James Wong

Hands on assists & touch methodology TT

Join Sunday School Yoga for a 50 Hours Teacher Training Course that covers the education and approach needed for competent and confident hands on assisting. For many teachers, putting your hands on a student’s body is a scary and unnatural thing. And that's ok. It means you care.

Learning how to assist the room, while teaching & touching is a task that takes time, focus and experience. So we have a whole course dedicated to just this.

This course focuses entirely on how to build your knowledge & know-how for hands-on support in class. The aim of the course is to share the concepts behind the power of the touch, the SSY Assisting Methodology and the details behind the techniques needed for manual adjustments

Useful Info

  • Date: February 19-23, 2020
  • Location: Urban OM, Wallingatan 20-22, Stockholm
  • Price: 9646 SEK
  • Previous knowledge: 200 H Teacher training

About the teacher

Michael an international yoga teacher, meditation guide and the co-founder of Sunday School Yoga. Born in New Zealand, raised on the beaches of Santa Monica, who now calls London home, his relationship with yoga and physical movement spans over the past two decades and throughout this journey Michael has been lucky enough to travel the world sharing his teaching to all those willing to listen. Always a student first, Michael continues to practice and teach with a powerful body, and open mind and a fearless heart.

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