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Elements - weekend immersion

Date: 20 - 22 September 2019

Location: Båstad

Instructor: Lisa Andersson Rhodiner & Nazareno Grisolia

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About the weekend

Deepen your practice and set the tone for the last quarter of the year together with international yoga teacher-duo Lisa and Nazareno in Båstad. A non-residential weekend immersion with the theme ELEMENTS.

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower” - Albert Camus

The season of Autumn is around the corner and we leave the more outward-going season of summer behind. An opportunity to reconnect to yourself and your practice and set the tone for the last quarter of the year.

Throughout this weekend you’re invited to explore 4 different practices. In each session we focus on one element; Earth, Fire, Water and Space/Air with asanas, mudras, pranayama and movement patterns that go along with each element.

This is a non-residential immersion taking place at Yogalito in Båstad, southwest Sweden. Suggested accommodations will be provided upon request. The immersion will be taught in english.

About the teachers

Lisa Andersson Rhodiner (Swe) and Nazareno Grisolia (URU) is an international yoga teacher duo known for their challenging, creative and playful Vinyasa Flow classes - both teaching as a duo and individually. Since 2012 Lisa and Nazareno have traveled and taught yoga full-time in countries like Bali, Sweden, Portugal and Sri Lanka.

With a passion for Vinyasa Flow, healthy food and travel, they offer lovingly crafted Boutique Yoga Retreats, Immersions for Teachers and Pop Up Yoga events through their company Inspiro Yoga based out of Ericeira, Portugal.

Practical information

  • Date: 20 - 22 of September 2019
  • Location: Yogalito, Köpmansgatan 96, Båstad
  • Price: 1600 SEK / person
    • Included: 4 yoga classes
  • To bring: Yogamat
  • For whom: All levels
  • Teachers: Lisa Andersson Rhodiner & Nazareno Grisolia


Friday 20/9

17-19 Earth - Yin & Yang (Lisa)
To set the tone for the weekend we begin by connecting to the element of Earth. This element is all about grounding and stabilising. The session is a blend of a steady flow part and a still yin part.

Saturday 21/9

11-13 Fire - Power flow (Nazareno)
A strong yang flow class with focus on building core-, upper body and arm strength. This fiery class is sequenced to build heat and discipline, and lead up to a series of arm balances and inversions.

16-18 Air - Yin & Yang (Nazareno)
A practice with focus on chest, lungs and heart. The class is a blend of yin and yang, and includes deep pranayama work, heart opening poses (backbends) and relaxing yoga nidra.

Sunday 22/9

10-12 Water - Slow flow (Lisa)
We move into the element of water and into it’s most known characteristic: fluidity. During this flow-practice, in which we’ll move deeply into hips and hamstrings, we slow down the pace A LOT, paying extra attention to transitions and the space between postures.

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