Mithila yoga

Breathe in Bali - 10 days of breathing better

Date: 13 - 22 April 2019

Location: Bali

Instructor: Mithila, Yoga Monks

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About the retreat

We all breathe, yet many of us do not use our breath consciously to improve our well being, our state of mind, our digestion, our mood etc...we can all learn to breathe better than we already do, but this takes practice. The yogis knew and shared the wisdom of the breath as a path to the enlightenment of the human body and psyche. The first step on this journey, I find, is to start having a loving relationship with our breath bodies.

On this retreat Mithila shares with you

  • Tools to create a relationship with your breath and to get to know your breathing better
  • The technique of the full yogic breath for daily self practice
  • Movement meditations from the YogaMonks Vinyasa Routines to help you move and breathe better
  • Inspiration to breathe better and to move and meditate daily
  • Personal guidance to your breath practice during these 10 days together
  • A simple practice with life changing results when done daily, to continue on your own ( or with a teacher)


''The teacher was amazing, lovely, joyful, professional :-) The teaching was perfect for me as a beginner. The poses were not too hard, which made me focus on doing it correctly. Since we were a little crew there was time for the teacher to correct everyone at every session. I have NO complains at all! The venue was like being in Paradise (as my son said when he saw my photos "It is like a hidden Paradise") - it was calm, beautiful and peaceful. The staff were smiling, accommodating and helpful. The food was excellent, fresh, healthy and beautifully served every day. I have already recommended it to many friends!! ...the place, the food, the crew and the surroundings combined with yoga was the very best. I came home purified, calm and happy." - Karina Nordtorp - Denmark

For further testimony read here.

Useful info

  • Dates: April 13 - 22 , 2018
  • Location: We have a stunning sea side venue sourced for this retreat Gajah Mina Resort.
    • Optional day and half-day excursions to close by magical destinations for relaxing fun adventures can be arranged on site.
  • Total investment: (preliminary based on 2018 rates - to be confirmed with the resort by latest October 2018) for the 10 day holiday of yoga classes, hotel shared room for two, and three delicious meals a day:
    • Shared room: 12800 SEK
    • Single room: 14800 SEK
  • Rates includes: Taxes, services, breakfast , lunch and dinner and 9 nights at Gajah Mina.
    • Meal is vegetarian. PLUS the Teachings/sessions as per our website PDF.
    • If you wish you can add meat or fish to your dinner 2 USD PER MEAL and we can settle this there.)
  • Not included:
    • Transport
    • Extra meals/snacks
    • Insurance (travel and health)

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