The Slow Steep - 300H Yoga Teacher Training

Date: 15 November 2024 - 19 April 2026

Location: Göteborg/Alingsås + online

Instructor: Anja Bergh & Sarah Zandbeek

300 hours of marination with Anja & Sarah - Bridging the world of yoga and somatics

The Slow Steep is 300 hours of online marination with Anja Bergh & Sarah Zandbeek. Over the period of a year and a half we will explore bridging the worlds of Yoga and Somatics. Deeply steeping in our practices, for skill, experience and refinement.

Somatics comes from the Greek word “soma” which translates to “body” and “ics” which is an “organized body of knowledge.” In Yoga and Tantra, Soma represents the elixir of life, a subtle essence that is believed to flow through the body, promoting longevity and spiritual awakening. Symbolically, Soma embodies the principle of rejuvenation and renewal, akin to the cyclical nature of the moon. It signifies the potential for transformation and the cultivation of inner tranquility and vitality. Whether through ritual, meditation, or physical practice, Soma invites a deeper exploration of one's inner landscape which is the essence of this training.

It is through the wisdom of the body that we will come to understand the capacity of our full spectrum, the elation and the rage, the grief and the resilience. We will utilize the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine to remind us of how all things are energy in motion and we too are a cycling part of Nature; we will invite a new way of learning from cerebral to body and from senses to mind, making way for us to inform ourselves through felt sense, landing and locating just as much as we know how to inform ourselves from theory or thought. We will look at the ways we hold ourselves back through conditioning and offer ourselves the chance to mobilize the things that never got to complete their cycle and remember the importance of integration, pausing, and stabilization in both the process, as well as the practice itself.

There are so many ways to approach wellness and it is here that we will sink into honesty, spectrum and constitution to invite ourselves to descend into the body and support ourselves to really be here. It is in the here that we have the opportunity to gain clarity on our surroundings through our senses, come into our instinctual, primal self, learn discernment, and regain our vision to forage a path forward that we feel stoked about.

We spiral through the layers of Outer, Middle & Inner - Known, Hidden & Undiscovered to bring ourselves home to the present moment content that exists in the here and now, unabashedly.

Three six-month modules

Module 1: OUTER BODY
Module one will look at the outer body - the aspects of our Self that engage with the outer world, how the outer world engages with us, the outer anatomy and embodiment of the tangible and external. From skin to bones; from seeing, smelling, hearing, feeling, tasting to our magnetic field.

Module two moves into the middle body, from the sheaths of gel like structure known as the fascia to the organs, to the diaphragms, fat, and meridians, to the way the systems,like lymph and endocrine, work inside our body and brain and how to initiate our movements from these spaces.

Module 3: INNER
Module three focuses on energy. How we hold energy & move energy. What the felt experience of energy is. From our cells to our nervous system, through neuroplasticity and into the eight extraordinary meridians that orient themselves the moment the egg and sperm come together. We will look at the movements of our constitutions and how these fluctuations ripple to the outer.

Teaching methods

  • Theoretical learning through lecture, visuals, and body labs
  • Experiential anatomy
  • Sensory labs: locating, palpating, release & support bodywork
  • Somatic explorations: led explorations, free movement
  • Meridian work and Traditional Chinese Medicine theory
  • Body rolling
  • Yin Yoga
  • Breath work
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Visualization + Meditation
  • Reflection, journaling + writing prompts

Who is this for?

This is for practitioners who have completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training and are interested in bridging a more traditional yoga practice towards a somatic one.

It is for those of you who want to expand the somatic & yoga foundation you alredy stand on and have more experiences and work towards more detailed and precise knowledge.

It is for those of you who thrive in the community container and want to be held and in relationship to the community over a longer period of time.

How will this course support you in being a better facilitator?

This course will offer you knowledge and experience that can be poured into your yoga & somatics classes. It will also offer the time to practice with greater skill and precision, which will be supportive, as well, for other types of work and facilitation; for those of you working with movement therapy, dance, bodywork or other kinds of health and movement related work.


  • Body literacy / anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Cueing
  • Space holding capacity
  • Presencing
  • Discernment
  • Clarity

Self care & community care:

Self care is deeply influenced by our capacity to be present with ourself and when we feel the importance of that level of self presence, one can’t help but extend it outward to the surrounding community. Presence is compassion in motion.

As a yoga teacher venturing into the world, somatics can offer you a wider range of movements and freedom to offer your clients. Your cueing becomes much more refined. Your understanding of the human body and its systems and how to guide a class from a particular system or place in the body develops and you can become more specific in what you are doing. Your range will widen immensely as you realise how vast the possibilities for movement intitiation are in the body.

Practical Information:

  • Date: 5 november 2024 - 19 april 2026
  • Location: Göteborg/Alingsås + online
  • Price: 34500 SEK ( 25% VAT)
  • Previous knowledge: 200 hour yoga teacher training or 25 hour Somatic Yoga course
  • What's included:
    • 300 hours of teaching
    • Manual
    • 25H course in Somatic Yoga (pre-recorded)
  • To bring:
    • Yoga mat
    • Notebook and pen
  • OrganizerAnja Bergh

About the teachers

Sarah Zandbeek
Sarah has facilitated yoga asana classes and teacher trainings for over 16 years; as well as, graduating from the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) program where her passion for energetic healing, herbs and natures wisdom truly started to flourish.

Her path of physical movement has transformed over the years and has lead her to her now teacher, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen; a very wise, beautiful teacher and creator of Body-Mind Centring—essentially a somatic embodiment school. She has studied Embodied Flow with Tara Judelle and Scott Lyons in Bali (where she met Anja) and her mind was absolutely blown with how little she knew about her body and the places and ways one can initiate movement.

In her becoming a Mother every single teaching she has ever received has continued to enrich the way she approaches life, study, her children, and facilitation.

It has been through these teachings, experiences and guidance that this program was born.

Anja Bergh
Anja is a movement educator, yoga teacher, mother, business owner who has been teaching movement for 20+ years. Her passion is teaching slow transformative embodiment processes and practices for the wise, ordinary human being.

The processes are of the kind that work immediately but take time to weave into the fabric of our being.

She is a certified Embodied Flow Yoga Teacher, Body Mind Centering student, practices Fajardo Method of Holistic Biomechanics for clarity and uses nervous system informed somatics to gently bring more coherency to herself as well as offer a fusion of all the above in her classes and trainings.

As someone who has had the experience of life coming at her, somatics have offered the experience of co-creating with the world, of life rising through us, ultimately a gift, something that can be continious, holding all the experiences of effort and ease.

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