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Why yoga, mindfulness & exercise at work?

Sedentary and one-sided positions affect our bodies and minds negatively, with for example fatigue, pain and injury as consequences. Regular breaks and movement activities at the workplace will help prevent this reality. With business classes at work, you get a well-educated and knowledgeable yoga teacher or coach directly to your workplace. The classes offered will be based on the wishes and needs of your employees. For instance dynamic, seated, without changing clothes, mindfulness, meditation, have a specific focus area etc.

Few selected benefits of yoga and mindfulness:

  • Increased ability to focus and manage distractions, creating a more efficient organization
  • Better capacity to handle stress
  • Increased ability to concentration
  • Reduced stiffness in the back, shoulders and neck
  • Better ability to replenish energy to handle everyday stress and demands
  • Improved sleep quality

Yoga teachers

Our yoga teachers, trainers and coaches are all experienced and well-educated within their field. Based on the needs you have and the classes you wish to have, we will select the teacher who is the best fit. You can also combine several teachers based on different needs over time toward one or more groups of people in your organisation. 

Package Solutions

We offer several different solutions customized to your business. Please contact us to let us present the solution that suits your company the best. Below you’ll find examples of package solutions:

  • Business class x times/week. Packages of 10, 20 and 40 classes are available.
  • Business Class + Yogobes Video Library, Company Subscription.
  • Business Class + Yogobes video library, individual subscription for each employee.
  • Business Class + Subscription + Workshop / Follow-up on Site.
  • Business class or yoga & online training + customized wellness program.

Connect with us

To know more and discuss the need of your company, please feel free to contact us at