What is restorative yoga?

30 June 2021 | By Yogobe

Unwind in everyday life with restorative yoga – the soft yoga form with quiet, relaxing positions that help you relax deeply. Read more about restorative here!

Restorative yoga – therapeutic and meditative

Restorative Yoga is a meditative and therapeutic form of yoga. As the word restorative suggests, this form of yoga is about relaxing and creating recovery – physically, mentally and spiritually. In restorative yoga, you let your body and mind rest and recover when you practice in soft, still and relaxing positions to get as much relief as possible.

Both your body and your mind body need to recover in order to function. During rest, many important processes take place that help us to stay healthy, injury-free and feel good in general. If, on the other hand, the body does not get its important recovery, the cells are not rebuilt as they should, the circulation is reduced and the immune system is lowered. When you rest and relax, your parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated and helps you create a physical and mental balance.

Restorative + props = true

In restorative yoga, props are used to help the body relax. These can include blocks, belts, blankets, chairs and pillows. The idea is that the more the body can relax – the deeper the relaxation. If you do not have props at home, you can replace them with pillows, books and blankets, whatever you have at home. But, if you are curious about yoga props, you will find them at Yogobe Store.

How to perform restorative yoga

In restorative yoga, you hold each position for at least 6 minutes and up to 30 minutes. When you hold a position for a long time and at the same time are comfortable and physically relieved, the body can relax deeply. You "sink" into position, and this leads to you recovering.

Although restorative is a calm form of yoga, it can feel challenging. It is not always easy to relax, especially if we are stressed. Try to stay in position and allow your body and mind to go into resting mode – even when you feel resistance.

You can either do a full practice or a position when you need it. You can therefore practice restorative even when you are short on time. It's also suitable if you are not used to yoga or have difficulty relaxing. Try to start with one position at a time! Restorative yoga is a nice complement to your regular yoga and exercise. It is also an effective tool against stress, sleep problems or if you have injuries in the body.

Put recovery on the schedule, it's important!

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