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Status update - Server attack

11 February 2020 | By Peter Munteanu

This post is a daily updated insight into what is going on at Yogobe HQ since our servers were attacked in the morning of February 1. If you are a member or visitor and want to know more, this is the place to find information.

Dear Member, (Update 2020-02-18, at 08:30)

I have created this blog post as a collective means of communication with you and all your fellow members of Yogobe. It is my intention to update this post daily with the ambition of including you in the status, our situation and what is happening behind the scenes of Yogobe HQ in order to come back stronger and more dedicated than before our servers on AWS Amazon were attacked on February 1, 2020.

This update from us will be in English, as we have members around the world, but please do not hesitate to contact me in person, should you not understand the wording or wish to speak with someone in your mother tongue, Swedish, Finnish or Norwegian.

Before we get into the details with issues which may or may not be affecting your user experience allow me to express enormous gratitude for the support, love and understanding shown since February 1, when our servers where attacked and this unfathomable situation started.

Yogobe is currently live with an almost complete backup dated January 11 of this year. As our servers on AWS Amazon were attacked we made the decision to move Yogobe.com to other secure servers while we wait on more information and details about what happened and how. As soon as we get information, it will be passed on to you, our members, via a collective email as well as here, in this post.

Before lunch on February 2, we were back online and the video library was live for all users. As we then, had not yet restored user accounts or recovered user payment data (safe with our payment providers DIBS/Nets and Trustly) from the time period 11-31 January we opened up the video library and made it accessible to everyone. Paying members, non-paying members and visitors. Since this day we have gradually given all users access to their accounts, backfilled them with their access-time as well as opened up and given complete access to participants in courses as well as the Winter Challenge and Pausa Smart. Unfortunately user data, such as completed video sessions, created playlists and library content which you've marked as a favorite between 11-31 January is currently not available . Scheduled content though, should still live in your local calendars. 

Work in progress:
1. A few of you have been experiencing cache-issues in your browser. An example of this could be that pages only show a "loading-icon". This should now be sorted. If you continue to experience this, please email help@yogobe.com with your email, what web browser you are using and what device you are on, and we'll see what can be done. But first, please attempt to empty the cache in your own web browser. If you don't know how, just google: "empty cache", your device name and the web browser you are on. In Swedish an example of this could be: "Tömma cache safari IOS"

2. We are missing images on several pages on Yogobe. We are working on this and ask for your understanding if things look less than perfect when you click around.

3. Is your recurring/löpande monthly payment with Yogobe on a different day in the month of February than in January? You have either been rewarded with bonus days while we sorted everything out, or we had to move your payment date as part of our payment recovery work. Visit your subscription settings (before end of 18 Feb, 2020) to make sure that you, at least, have been given access to your full periods of payment. If there are any questions, reach out to us: help@yogobe.com

4. We have re-created all payments from 11-31 January. In this effort there are 22 subscription payments that couldn't be matched. So, if you do not have the access you ought to, please just connect with us: help@yogobe.com.
- Forward a print-screen of your bank statement to us.
- Mention if you paid with credit card or bank transfer

Still to do:
On February 18, we will backfill all receipts from 11-31 January.

Thank you for taking the time to read this through. If there is anything you believe that I have missed to mention in this post, please do not hesitate to connect with me straight away to my personal email: peter@yogobe.com. Together, we will fix this. Together we will come out more resolute and united than ever before.

Sincere regards,

Peter Munteanu
Founder and CEO

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Peter Munteanu

CEO & Founder Yogobe