New updates in the app thanks to your feedback

04 October 2021 | By Yogobe

The app has a lot of new updates that make your usage easier and smarter – curious about what we've done? Read more here!

Cast to the TV and better search function in the Yogobe app

With the help of you, we have created improvements of various kinds in the app. First of all, we want to draw your attention to the fact that you can now cast to the TV on any device (yay!) – so bring your phone or computer and cast the next class ✌️ Unfortunately some of you still can experience some issues related to video streaming and casting, due to changes from our video provider. We work hard on it! Thank you for your patience 🙏.

Other updates in the app

  • Slightly redesigned the main search experience
  • Added a search feature inside My Library screens so that you can search your favorite sessions/playlists and playlists you created
  • Improved the recommendations in My library
  • Fixed a bug related to fullscreen video on some devices
  • Fixed a few more bugs and optimised the overall app performance

Remember to update the app through the App Store or Google Play – unless it's done automatically through your settings!

Give us feedback for better online training

We want to make your experience with us the best. If you have more feedback about the app, please leave it through the app, or fill out our survey here.

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Enjoy new classes from the video library

15 min

Move with

Short, sweet, and sweaty – connect with deeper abdominals, mobility and core strength.

90 min

Yoga with

Flowing through the first sequence of Ashtanga yoga, the full primary series.

5 min

Move with

RFLG: Release feelings of anger in this whole body workout.

15 min

Meditate with

Opening to loving kindness through a meditation of affirmation.

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