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03 June 2021 | By Yogobe

Have you missed the opportunity to take online classes in real time with our skilled instructors in Team Yogobe? Now we are finally launching LIVE-streamed classes. Read more and sign up for the free week here!

LIVE - a bridge between digital and IRL

After this year, we have seen a clear need for community. We are many who miss being able to meet at the gym or yoga studio and share our energy, exchange a few words or smiles together. And our fantastic teachers miss to interact and share their knowledge human to human.

With the hope of creating a loving bridge between digital and IRL, which will make you feel both seen and inspired, we will expand our service with LIVE-streamed classes, workshops, lectures and online courses together with Team Yogobe.

All classes are free for all members June 7-13

You can already start registering for all upcoming LIVE classes that are available throughout the month of June and then WE GO LIVE with the first classes on Monday the 7th of June. Between June 7 and 13, all classes are free for our members! After that, you who are a paying member with us always get a 30% discount on all LIVE sessions.

Read more about LIVE and sign up for the free classes here!

Check out this month's LIVE calendar

Several classes every week - the same schedule for one month
We will run on one and the same weekly schedule for a whole month - so that you will have the chance to take part in different classes and teachers. We have several classes every week and the first month you can try classes like Good Morning Soul with Ulrica Norberg and SOMA MOVE with Linus Johansson. You can find the schedule here!

In order for more people to have the opportunity to participate, we have classes at different times, spread over morning, lunch and evening. We have also tried to take into account your different needs and therefore cover several different practices and forms of exercise such as SOMA MOVE, yin yoga, pilates, pregnancy yoga, Embodied Flow, mindfulness and more.

Do you want to influence the content of the LIVE calendar?

We are super grateful if you want to be involved and influence the content of the LIVE calendar by filling out this survey.

If you have any questions or concerns about our LIVE classes, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]


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