Yoga philosophy course online

Welcome to this online yoga philosophy course. Yoga has the potential to have a transformational effect on your life. Unfortunately, it is very easy to get lost in a yoga practice, and just about any pattern in your life can sneak into the practice. The control freak is likely to become a “yoga control freak”, and if you are a bit too attached to be a success, then it is straight forward to try and become a “yoga success”. This is not to point fingers, because we all have negative patterns that we get lost in. The big question is: Are you tired enough of these patterns to do something about them?

If you are serious about letting yoga have a profound, positive effect in your life, you need to look honestly at your life and your patterns, and you need to challenge yourself to actually try something new. This requires both courage and dedication, but it will most probably be worth the effort.

Purpose and goal with this course

In this course, you will learn about yoga philosophy, but the goal is to take it a big step further. The aim is to present the Indian wisdom in a way that is directly linked to your life. The goal of the  course can be laid out in four parts:

Who is this course for?

When it comes to applying yoga philosophy to a yoga practice, it is normally a good idea to keep the practice very simple. Therefore, you will experience that the classes taught during the course are generally simple and easy. If, however, you experience pain or discomfort, or that you find a particular yoga pose too difficult, remember that you can always take breaks and that this will not have a negative effect on the deeper levels of the practice.

An overview of the content:

The course contains:

The different parts

Access to the course

The course is comparable to approximately 25 hours of studies. You have access to the course for 12 months.

Simons word to you about the course

Dear You, 
I am happy and honored that you have decided to study yoga philosophy with me. I love the topic and what I try to share with you are my greatest hits of yoga philosophy. In other words, all the key points in the course have deeply affected me, my yoga practice and my life. This is why sharing these thoughts is thrilling to me and actually makes me a bit nervous. My dream is to be able to share the Indian wisdom in a way that can resonate with you in a way, where you can not only understand it, but where you can feel it. Because it is not until you feel philosophy that you have truly let it in to your life, and it is not until then that it can possibly make positive changes in your life.

I have one single thing that I would like to ask of you. Please, do not be passive in the learning process. Often times I hear people complaining that a certain philosophical point does not make sense, and I wish to emphasize that “making sense” is a two-way street. I have tried my very best to make sense, but half of the “making sense” is the task of the student. So please don't just sit back and receive. Instead, meet me half way, and then I will promise you that you will get so much more out of the course.

During the course, I will be directing your attention towards areas of your life that are not so harmonious, pretty or flattering. This can be disturbing and even scary, and I just wish to say that I know that the process requires both dedication and courage. Please, be sweet to yourself, and if something feels too vulnerable, you are still a wonderful person even if you skip it for now.

I hope you will enjoy!!


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